About Shade Tree Mechanic

Jim Westrich, dba Shade Tree Mechanic, began servicing small gas engines , beginning with his own 1960 Model 3050 Lawn-Boy used to mow yards during his youth. He still has the little gold-coloured 18″ mower and it  runs great.

From early beginnings came a growing interest in Lawn-Boy products during high school / college years.  Jim’s direction in the craft led to a factory authorization for Lawn-Boy products in 1970, having never attended a factory service school prior to the authorization.  His growing interest was fed by acquisiton of all service literature available on the Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC) product lines, that led to subsequent factory training  schools / updates, for the servicing and factory authorizations of many other major outdoor power equipment engines & brands; such as Stihl,  Briggs and Stratton, Tecumseh, Kohler, Echo, IDC / Ryan Turf Equipment, Troy-Bilt and a few others not so well known, that have long since passed. From this beginning, study and hands-on experience, a teaching opportunity opened after college graduation to teach high school and adult vocational Power Mechanics classes in the mid 1970’s.   

Jim is an authority on the original design Lawn-Boy two stroke-cycle engine, his first love with respect to walk-behind power mowers.  He also provides quality service for customers owning chainsaws, string trimmers, tillers, walk-behind mowers, generator engines, service to farm community gas engine-powered equipment, blowers, etc. 

Jim is precise with his repair procedures and is careful to give an accurate estimate of repairs FOR YOUR APPROVAL prior to the beginning of any work.  Repairs will not begin on machines in excess of their value, without special instructions from their owners. Jim’s work is some of the most dependable around. ASIDE: if, in the course of servicing a unit, additional minor defects are discovered that, if left untouched, would detract from the approved work order, Jim will correct those affected areas, as a matter of the approved service, no extra charge.    

Shade Tree Mechanic is a home-based business. Because Jim works throughout the week at his ‘real job’, he can only accept service appointments on certain days for scheduled drop-off / consultation of your service needs.  Either calling ahead or using his e-mail address for service inquiries, will help  insure clients a faster turn-around time, as opposed to a three week wait for something simple.  

When you are satisfied with Jim’s service, rest assured you will tell others. Thank you for choosing  Shade Tree Mechanic.



615.496.9736 cell.


One response to “About Shade Tree Mechanic

  1. I have known Jim for several year’s and he has done work for me and his work will speak for itself, In the future he will work for me again, I Hope !! Thank’s Jim for work well done !!!…Don

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